DHT11 Sensor Interfacing with PIC18F4550.


DHT11 is a single wire digital humidity and temperature sensor, which provides humidity and temperature values serially.

It can measure relative humidity in percentage (20 to 90% RH) and temperature in degree Celsius in the range of 0 to 50°C.

It has 4 pins of which 2 pins are used for supply, 1 is not used and the last one is used for data.

The data is the only pin used for communication. Pulses of different TON and TOFF are decoded as logic 1 or logic 0 or start pulse or end of a frame.

For more information about the DHT11 sensor and how to use it, refer the topic DHT11 sensor in the sensors and modules topic.

DHT11 Temperature-Humidity Sensor

DHT11 Temperature-Humidity Sensor


Interfacing Diagram

PIC DHT11 LCD Interface

DHT11 Interfacing with PIC18F4550

  • The above circuit diagram shows interfacing of PIC18F4550 with the DHT11 sensor.
  • In that, a DHT11 sensor is connected to RA0 (PORTA).

Programming Steps

  • First, initialize the LCD16x2_8-bit library.
  • Define pin no. to interface DHT11 sensor, in our program we define RA0 (Pin no.2)
  • Send the start pulse to the DHT11 sensor by making low to high on data pin.
  • Receive the response pulse from the DHT11 sensor.
  • After receiving the response, receive 40-bit data serially from the DHT11 sensor.
  • Display this received data on LCD16x2 along with error indication.


 * DHT11 Interfacing with PIC18F4550
 * http://www.electronicwings.com

#include <pic18f4550.h>
#include <xc.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "Configuration_Header_File.h"
#include "LCD_16x2_8-bit_Header_File.h"

#define Data_Out LATA0         /* assign Port pin for data*/
#define Data_In PORTAbits.RA0  /* read data from Port pin*/
#define Data_Dir TRISAbits.RA0 /* Port direction */
#define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000     /* define _XTAL_FREQ for using internal delay */

void DHT11_Start();
void DHT11_CheckResponse();
char DHT11_ReadData();

void main() 
    char RH_Decimal,RH_Integral,T_Decimal,T_Integral;
    char Checksum;
    char value[10];    
    OSCCON = 0x72;  /* set internal oscillator with frequency 8 MHz*/

    LCD_Init();     /* initialize LCD16x2 */
    ADCON1=0x0F;    /* this makes all pins as a digital I/O pins */    
    DHT11_Start();  /* send start pulse to DHT11 module */
    DHT11_CheckResponse();  /* wait for response from DHT11 module */
    /* read 40-bit data from DHT11 module */
    RH_Integral = DHT11_ReadData();  /* read Relative Humidity's integral value */
    RH_Decimal = DHT11_ReadData();   /* read Relative Humidity's decimal value */
    T_Integral = DHT11_ReadData();   /* read Temperature's integral value */
    T_Decimal = DHT11_ReadData();    /* read Relative Temperature's decimal value */
    Checksum = DHT11_ReadData();     /* read 8-bit checksum value */
    /* convert humidity value to ascii and send it to display*/    
    sprintf(value,".%d ",RH_Decimal);
    /* convert temperature value to ascii and send it to display*/
    sprintf(value,"%d  ",Checksum);
    /* check addition of humidity and temperature value equals to checksum */
    if(Checksum != (RH_Integral + RH_Decimal + T_Integral + T_Decimal))
        LCD_String_xy(0,8,"No Error");

char DHT11_ReadData()
  char i,data = 0;  
        while(!(Data_In & 1));  /* wait till 0 pulse, this is start of data pulse */
        if(Data_In & 1)  /* check whether data is 1 or 0 */    
          data = ((data<<1) | 1); 
          data = (data<<1);  
        while(Data_In & 1);
  return data;

void DHT11_Start()
    Data_Dir = 0;  /* set as output port */
    Data_Out = 0;  /* send low pulse of min. 18 ms width */
    Data_Out = 1;  /* pull data bus high */
    Data_Dir = 1;  /* set as input port */    

void DHT11_CheckResponse()
    while(Data_In & 1);  /* wait till bus is High */     
    while(!(Data_In & 1));  /* wait till bus is Low */
    while(Data_In & 1);  /* wait till bus is High */




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